My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Birthday

On may the 16th I had a party for my birthday but my birthday is on may 17th. I invited Jonty,Matthew,Shawn and Jeyan. For my party we went to Lazar strike and bowling but first we got my cake. I a chocolate fudge cake and we got the candles I got a one and an a zero because there was no ten. Then we went back home and just played at the park with Cruz.Then at night I was waiting and waiting.Then finally Matthew and Jonty came.Matthew got me a cool hat and a   t-shirt and Jonty gave me ten dollars note.

We zoomed up the stairs like cheater dieing to get away from a T-Rex trying to eat it.When we went up stairs we played the game.We played Ghost Recon it was a shooting game.When my mum called us to go down stairs only me and Matthew went. When we went down  she said "go over to Shawn's and pick him up from his house and take your brother with you " so we said "yep" and went with my baby brother.

Once we got there Shawn's mum answered the door and said"He is not there he is at his dads house I'll give you his number on a piece of paper'' and then we went back to my house.As soon as we got to my house we called Shawn's and his sister answered the phone gave the phone to Shawn then he gave it to his dad.Then Shawn dad said "yes he can".Then after a few minute Shawn came and we had a feed.we ate cookies drinks and cake and other food.when we had enough we went bowling.All of us got excited and  sprinting inside.We all stay in a bunch so we don't get lost.My mum spent about forty something dollars.
The man at the counter said " you are in lane eight" so we went. The man at the counter put my name as cep because my mum did a c instead of an l.When we bowl  i bowl first.Jonty kept on getting spares so he started winning.When my turn would finish i would play a game at the game zone and take for long. When we finished my sister won and Jonty came second. After bowling we all went to laser strike apart from my sister.We put our suit on and got started straight away. 

We all got jumpy and ran every were around the area.I the middle of the game my brother made a lump on my head.He was running and i was running and then he ran in to me and hit my head.While the game was still on we were shooting like pro masters.I was very good and so was every body else.Some of us were getting angry but we still carried on.When it was over we went home and talked.  

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