My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never Say Never

Check out our movie that the MTV Fia Fia Group made with Miss King.
It has now been shown at Hoyts Sylvia Park Cinema on the  Extreme Screen,  on November 11th 2010.

Monday, September 20, 2010


From the beginning of week 5 Pt England school have been Preparing for fiafia night as my group, MTV, starts finishing all our work.During these past few weeks there have been heaps of joy going around ,and really good performances.

My group MTV,have done a lot of work in our animation and put a lot of effort an when see it,you would know.We have did some acting and most of it is animation.

We have a song called Never Say Never By Justin Bieber and featuring Jayden Smith.The song is about someone that doesn't give up and always try again and will always try to succeed.what u will see in our movie a boy that is fine with what ever goes and try's to be fare.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saturday The 21st 2010

My club Mt Wellington Warriors U'11

Having a great and super year of RUGBY LEAGUE, sadly it has come to an end,and having only 1 loss,and it has been amazing.It has been a rough and cool year of mighty league.But there are still good some news still to come like tag,sleep over at the club,prize giving,dinner with the ARL (Auckland Rugby League industries ),and the end of year trip to were ever?So yea, there's no need to worry, we still got some events to come,very exciting and suspicious events too.

this year everyone has been superb and behaving normal and the parents have been very helpful and supportive, and the coach has been awesome and so has the manager.

I think this has been the best year for me, because its been hard but we still had some laughs on the way,even the coach and manager.We are very good friends and always are very good to each other.

Right now I will name all the names of the players in my team.

Me, Lepa my brother Starford,Steven,Jeyan,Jonty,Sione,Soane,Mac,Macain,Owen,Bradly,Stevie,Nathanial,Segah,Leo,Rico, and my coach and manager Tony and Rie

Well yea that's my team.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My super power

My power would have to be a shape shifter.It is a super duper great power to have and an excellent effect to other people.

If I had shape shifting powers, I would change into a super hero like the steel Iron Man,Super Man,Bat Man,Sonic,Wolverine or another super hero,like Goku saver of the earth,so I could show off.

I like many things in sport stores like boots,team Jerseys,shoes,rugby balls, an many other sport gear.I would change into a worker and get a discount(cheaper for you to buy) and drop it off at my house and get the latest gear. That would be AWESOME :)

I could save the world and be a very good example to others all over the world .

I'd like to thank this website for these pictures

Monday, August 9, 2010

Warriors Vs Sharks

On Saturday the 8th of August The Warriors played against the Cornulla Sharks in a shocking lose from the sharks even though they were gonna lose any way.

Bill Tupou is saying in the picture "haha you cant get me ,ohh look thers dirt in your face"

The Warriors to much,but they still lost the last few weeks.The Warriors were wearing there 25 year anniversary Jersey witch to me look kinda cool but not great.Bill tupou with 3 TRIES WOW!!!!!!! That's awesome and JamesMoloney with 1 Brent Tate with also1 try and Joel Moon with once again 1 try and James maloney with 7 kicks over WOW AGAIN!!!!!!

The warriors put up a pretty god win and Bill Tupou having a fabulous game with a hat trick(three tries) even though he had some bad and funny times like when the ball hit him in the head,hahahahaha yea LOL alright,an after that he got a try he was probably faking for the time so it could run out,but yeah hahahahahahaha man that was funny he tried to catch the ball with his head, hahaha,on with the game.

Finally the game ended with a result of 37-12 to the Warriors.Great game guys tune in next week for the next Warriors game see ya.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Ted Ashby

Trying to avoid the wobbling jetty ( little bridge near water ) I was balancing as I got a bored the flat bottom yacht called the Ted Ashby.

I was filming so i couldn't see everything.Jarna wanted a turn so i was happy because i could go and see every thing on boar ed. I saw several of knots including the bowline ,figure eight and I think the reef knot. It was very exciting to be on the yacht and a very good example of how sailors feel on a boat.

As soon as we got off ,we got our lunch and had a feed or went to salty Sam and he was a very weired man but very funny in a weired way.My highlight would be getting out there and felling very free.

I would like to say thanks to the people at the maritime museum
and letting our school participate in this activity. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My NRL dream team.

My dream NRL dream team would have to be Billy Slater as 1 from the Storms because he has a lot of experienced at the back, Lote Tiquri 2 from the fierce West Tigers,Tamana Tahu 3 from the stinging Eels ,Greg Inglis 4 coming from the striking Storms ,Jarryd Hayne 5 from the from the sparking Eels,Benji Marshell 6 from the growling West Tigers and Jonathan Thurston the stampeding cowboys as number 7. These backs are very extremely dangerous players to play against, they very good. These are just some of the backs that I am showing you , there are plenty more that are really fierce and talented. Here are the forwards. Number 8 would have to be the retired Ruben Wiki the mighty warriors. Ummmm uh number nine would have to be Issac Luke from the south Sydney Rabbitohs number 10 is Fuifui Moimoi representing the smooth Eels and 11 would probably Have to go to Sam Thaiday from the Brisbane Broncos and 12 easily goes to another retired extraordinary player Sonny Bill Williams from the Canterbury Bulldogs and last but not least 13 Micheal luck from the NEW ZEALAND WARRIORS!!!!!!!

Finally that's over , this is my NRL dream team. And again these are just some of the very fierce an starring players in NRL thank you for reading.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My blog

I'll like to thank Mrs Burt for putting up a blog for me and organising things on my blog. Even though she had other important things to do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

marine communication

This year Pt England is learning about mighty mariners. My class, room 18 is learning about marine communication. I will be talking about marine communication.The army people have there own alphabet.They have there own alphabet because when they are communicating they could easily get confused for an example, if they say c,b,d,e or some other letters they would some how think its another letter.when they talk to each other through the walkeytalkey its hard for them to understand so they came up with an idea to make an alphabet so they could easily understand. They decided to say Alpha,Bravo,Charlie,Delta,Echo,Foxtrot and many more.

Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne is my favorite player in the NRL. He has a very good side that haven't been very good this year EELS. Last year the EELS made it to the grand final with the highly paid team the STORM. Sadly the EELS lost but, Jarryd Hayne was the player of the year.

He has very fancy boots which he wears, yellow Nike boots , they are very bright and a lot of people have them, in fact

I have some of my own. Jarryd Hayne plays in State of Origin for New South wales which have lost for 5 years and the victorious team Queensland which have embarrassed New South Wales for a long time.

Jarred Hayne has an enemy in STORM called Billy the kid Slater . They have had a fight and Billy Slater got lucky because he never got suspended and Jarred Hayne did.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vodafone Warriors

Warriors are ranked 5!!! On the NRL(National Rugby League) ladder and they have a very strong defence line this year and that helps them to keep the other team from getting above their score.
The warriors have won against a very strong side and have earned their position. They even beat number2 on the NRL ladder, the mighty Panthers which in the start of the year massacred the Warriors in round 2,3, or round 4.
The Panthers have been really impressive this year, in fact they are very talented.
Warriors are my Number 1 team, plus the Titans.
When I grow up my goal is to get into NRL and be a very famous player. I have a club that I play for called Mt Wellington Warriors and we are also a very good team.

Active Earth Animation: June 14 2010

This term Pt England is learning about volcano information. Here is a movie to tell you some information about how a volcano erupts.

Queensland: June 4 2010

Queensland is my favourite state of origin team,state of origin is like rugby league but it is between two different Australian teams called Queensland and New South Wales.These two enemies are created by the NRL Australian squads, selected by the coach and manager!

I go for Queensland because they are the best team and have the best NRL players as well as New South Wales.  They have one of My favourite people in NRL, Jared Hayne
On Wednesday the 27th 2010 they played head to head together and it was a good challenge but Queensland came out on top with a 28-24 score to queensland as Darius Boyed scored the first try well as and Sam Thaiday scored the last closing try.

Active Earth: June 3 2010

How is an Earthquake Measured? May 14 2010

I am going to explain what happens in an earthquake and how it is measured. When plates in the earth's crust grind against each other, often these plates fracture, or break. If this happens, an earthquake will most certainly occur. To help us measure the magnitude(size) of the quake, seismologists use the Richter Scale to give it a measurement between 3.5 and 8(check out the chart below). A 3.4 on the Richter Scale wouldn't be felt by most people, but an 8 would most definitely be felt! If you enjoyed hearing about the Richter Scale, you should check out the Mercalli Scale and investigate the difference.

Earthquake Severity

Richter Earthquake
Magnitudes Effects

Less than 3.5 Generally not felt, but recorded.

3.5-5.4 Often felt, but rarely causes damage.

Under 6.0 At most slight damage to well-designed buildings.
Can cause major damage to poorly constructed buildings
over small regions.

6.1-6.9 Can be destructive in areas up to about 100 kilometers
across where people live.

7.0-7.9 Major earthquake. Can cause serious damage over larger areas.

8 or greater Great earthquake. Can cause serious damage in areas several
hundred kilometers across.

Pressure!: April 22 2010

This term we are currently learning about volcanos and the active earth. We are mainly learning about pressure right now. Without pressure, there would not be volcanos around and there wouldn't be many other things that we take for granted in life. Do you use things that are under pressure in your life?

Gold Coast Titans: April 21 2010

The Titans are one of the teams I go for this year. For their first few games they have won most of them so that's a good start for them.
My favourite people in the team are Preston Campbell and Scott Prince.

The game I like the best that they've played is against is the Storm because they just won by a drop goal and it was an even score so then they got another penalty and got another kick at goal.

I hope they get a chance to win the NRL because that will be the first time.


Camp Kindness: April 20 2010

During Camp Kindness it was a very fun and exciting time.
I had to show how participation,partnership and protection worked in my movie.
See if it works.

New Zealand History : 25 March 2010

This movie represents what happened way back in the day when Maori arrived in New Zealand and then what happened when Captain Cook and his crew arrived in New Zealand and invaded.This happened before the Treaty of Waitangi.

Fun with my family : Feb 13 2010

In my holiday, I went to the Time Out Zone in the ten pin bowling centre at Mount Wellington. My mum won a lot of money in the little casino by the pool tables. We played a lot of games. My favourite game was the stacking game because, you can win some pretty cool prizes on it. It was cool and fun playing pool with my younger brother too. This was a very fun night with my family.