My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My super power

My power would have to be a shape shifter.It is a super duper great power to have and an excellent effect to other people.

If I had shape shifting powers, I would change into a super hero like the steel Iron Man,Super Man,Bat Man,Sonic,Wolverine or another super hero,like Goku saver of the earth,so I could show off.

I like many things in sport stores like boots,team Jerseys,shoes,rugby balls, an many other sport gear.I would change into a worker and get a discount(cheaper for you to buy) and drop it off at my house and get the latest gear. That would be AWESOME :)

I could save the world and be a very good example to others all over the world .

I'd like to thank this website for these pictures

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  1. Hi Lepa, I can see that Shape shifting would be fun, but for me I would like Invisibility! I could really enjoy myself with that. It would be evn better than being 'a fly upon the wall'.
    Keep up the great work
    Mrs Burt