My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Year 8 Camp 2012

“ Camp Already “ I said as I woke up to excitement . It was a great day to go camp . The only concerns was the weather . It was said that it would be showers all week .

“ All aboard “ we entered the bus for a looonng drive  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Finally we arrived , and was pumped to explore the campus . First we enjoyed our selv’s on the playground . 

And then gathered in to be told instruction’s . We collected our gear and placed it in our cabin’s and got ready to go on our “HUUUGE MOUNTAIN WALK !!! “  Jephte , Matthew T , Kaiden and I  , were running down the mountain knowing we could brake a bone , fall down hills , smash into tree’s and cause tremendous damage . But we still did it like Ninjas .

After that 3 hour !!! Bush walk , we got ready for a relaxing swim . Then had a wonderful lunch and dinner then got prepared to watch a movie . After a long day we wet off to bed and had a great night .

On the last day of Camp , we went to Waingaro Hot Springs . It was my favourite part of Camp . There was a pool were we could bomb , and there was a hydro slide . The hydro slide was cool when you had a mat because it would go a lot more faster and you would jump and rock side to side . My face was eager for speed and action and it delivered when i was on the slide . As I went down the slide the water ran fast up my nose and it caused damage to my throat but i was alright .

My Highlight of camp was being together with my friends and sharing great memories and the hydro slide . I wish I could have another camp so we could make new memories !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Film Fest 2012

On Wednesday the 13 of November Pt England and the other Manaikalani School’s ,  bused to Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinema , to watch the 2012 Film Fest .

As the lights turned off every one started getting hyped . The opening presentation movie came on to start off the Film Fest .  It was a great crowed . People laughing and enjoying there self's . Sadly I got in trouble for laughing to much .

The Math Test Movie from rm 18 Pt England was the best movie .

Credits To Mr Barks and his class for imagining such an amazing idea and creating the funniest movie in the Film Fetsival.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Whitening Snows Of Venerable Elder. Charles F Goldie .

The reason why I chose this specific painting , painted by Charles Fredrick Goldie,  was because  I thought it would be a difficult challenge to draw it and that I liked how the man’s facial really brought out his feelings . The year this painting was produced was 1916  , so this year , the painting is 96 years old .The name of the painting is called The Whitening Snows Of Venerable Elder.  What this painting looks like to me is , that he is thinking about the past and something really bad might have occurred.  

Charles Fredrick Goldie .

Charles Fredrick Goldie was born on October 20th . As a kid he was brought up by his mother and father. He was raised 7 other siblings including himself. 8 KIDS ! They were a poor family and David Goldie and Maria Parkington were struggling to feed and bring up their kids.

This Term For Extension we were given instructions to search for a painting and then craft it on hyperstudio . The theme for the term was art . We all selected our painting and drew them and put it up for a expo at school .

I liked my painting because i spent a lot of time on it , and it show's how much passion in it

Friday, November 9, 2012

My Toy Design

Balloon Paper Hovercraft
mind the messy writing .

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Favourite Toy Animation

The Movie Below is an animation by me of my favourite toy .

Friday, August 3, 2012

Basket Ball

It has been three weeks since Term 3 started , and it has been great .  To enhance our Term , we have been learning the important skills of Basket Ball .  

Our previous session was good.  But yesterday was awesome. First objective of the lesson was to line up.  Our allies room 20 also came along to join us .

The instructor’s Tie and Brooke explained to us about the game that we were going to play for our warm up.  This game was called “Red Light , Green Light .“ To begin, they told us the rules . we had to run to the other side of the court with out getting the calls incorrect.  One of them would call green light . That means Go and as you think red would be stop. So we started and they tricked us straight away. Half way through I was almost there and was played because I ran we he said green and then I was back to the start. At the end of the game my friend Havea won .

Now we started to get serious and play a few games.  10 passes . My team won and then we lost. Then we did several drills. Dribbling , ball skills shooting and passes.!

That's was basketball this week . I wonder what holds for next week.?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Flag

Why was the flag created , “ What if there was know flag?”  The Olympic flag is orignated and produced by Pierre De Coubertin.  His purpose for the five rings was to repersent the five continents in the world.  The interlock of the rings , symbolises the friendship to be gained from the gather of the Country’s. If there was no flag , would there be alot of destruction and wars between each others ?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drawing Fractions

Today in math we were focusing on equivalent fraction and this is what we did.!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Place

The picture displayed above , is a painting of me standing on the rugby post at the school field.  This is my favourite area to be around . I like to repersent my school on the school field because it makes me and other people proud .

What i have developde this term is the technique called cubism produced by the artist by the name of Pablo Piccaso. In the painting I have used his technique in the background.  I drew shapes and bleded colours to bring in the effect .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Respect Means To Me !

Respect is something earned from people you respect and which carry's on to others to make them feel loved and well treated. I have earned respect by treating them they want to be treated and by doing something to be respected for.   

What respect means to me is to be honored in ways that you honer them and that you treat each other equally and not make them feel bad .  For an example , if someone is top dog at the school , they are well respected from people they respect.  

If people never respected each other that would cause a lot of drama and fighting and wars between our world.

That What Respect Means To Me !

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Friend Kaiden

This week we have been instructed that we choose one special person to write about , and the person I selected was Kaiden. He has been one of my best friends for a long time.

Kaiden is Incredibly "tall!" for his age and skinny like a tree , and has long lanky legs. His hair is like long grass on his head.  He’s very funny and most of the time looks as lost like a baby.   

In free time , he likes to draw and is very amazing at it. Things he likes to do is play games , play rugby , and hang out with me.  He is very good at fixing things up .  Math is highest intelligences during class time .   Making jokes and listening to music is what he likes to do in boring times. He is also extremely talented in sports . Strategy's are his strong points in a lot of physical activity's!

What I enjoy doing with Kaiden is when he is sleeping at my house because we always make each other laugh and we play a lot games.  We like playing rugby in my back yard and laughing , and riding our bikes.

My friendship with Kaiden is very well balanced. We hardly ever fight or ever argue. We treat each other the way we want to be treated and we have a lot of fun.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse is a french painter and indeed one of the best painters in the world.  He requires a technique called fauvism.  He likes to use intense colours to make his painting look like what he feels.

Artistic Styles

Over the last few Centuries , artistic styles have changed in so many ways. They have developed , tweaked , and many more . Therefore the particular style becomes famous and start to change modern art.

Henry Matisse. He is a french painter and and in dead one of the best painters in the world.  He uses a technique called fauvism.  He like to use intense colours to make his painting look like what he

Piccaso is an artist from the 18th century that drew things from his own Prospective to make it Creative.  Through out his life he changed his drawing style’s and then went on to do this one technique. Cubism!  This is a early twentieth-century movement created using abstracted style and which is formed in geometrical shapes.

Vincent Willem Van Gogh was a dutch painter and in his time the most famous modern painter in history.  He was born in 1853 and brought up in Nearbreda , Netherlands.  In his life living time , he only sold one painting.  But  when he died

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Taonga Time !

“Yess!” It was finally Taonga Time .  Taonga Time is a time were we have a rotation of fun and learning which we do every friday.  Taonga means Treasure .  

As I was placed in me sporty group we walked along to the spare classes to begin our session.  I’ll teacher for this a team squad,  was the amazing Ms Va’afusuanga .  We started off introducing our self's to the group.  The twist was telling a lie and the truth.  A lot of the people were funny .  Second was an activity.  We had to name as many sports we know .

After all those activity , This was my favourite .  We had a game of basketball.  Through out the session,  we had a wonderful time and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Extension Project

In extension for the last two terms we have been set to do a project about a special person to us.  The person i selected was Billy Slater .  He is a rugby league player for the Melbourne Storms.  First off we had to write a bio on the person we chose . That was the first part of our task.  Our second bit of the project was making a animation or movie on the Person.  Unfortunately,  I did not complete this part of my project.  For this I was lazy and did not ask for any help so I got low scores.

With all the Info I gathered learning about Billy Slater , it was worth it.  I found out his first club and found out a lot of other personal data.  Next time if I have a project I will be committed to finish it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Pablo Piccaso is an artist from the 18th century that drew things from his own angle to make his image as creative as can be.  Through out the year he changed his drawing style and then stayed with one technique. Cubism!  This is a early twentieth-century movement created using abstracted style and which is formed in geometrical shapes.

He likes to paint things in different ways to be uniqe.  He would change around the features on what ever he is painting.

Vincent Van Gogh !

Vincent Willem Van Gogh was a dutch painter and in fact the most famous modern painter in history.  He was born in 1853 and brought up in Nearbreda , Netherlands.  

At first , when he started, he had little rocognition.  Vincent had been working in his family buisness for a long time and only sold ONE painting in his life time ! The 
“Red vineyard at arles.” He worked for his uncle as a art dealer,  and his brother Theo.  

through out the year he died , killing him self  from a gunshoot wound , to his mid section and with his brother Theo along side of him .  His sister in-law decided to sell his painting because she thought it was worthy enough too!  It was then , she was shocked from how many eyes the paintings Vincent Van Gogh painted , attracted people to buy them. One of his painting was sold for over 80 million dollars.  AMAZING!!!

That was the story of Vincent .

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kia Ora , My name is Lepa.  This portrait of me represents the symbols in my life and the many things I love.

My first symbol is about school ( P.E.S ).  I love school because its the only place when I can be myself when im around my friends.  The teachers are really nice and cool to the students and each other.

My second symbol Is about Rugby League (NRL).  Rugby League was a surprise when I first played and then I stuck with it and just loved it.  It has changed me in so many ways.

 Friendship is the one of the main reasons I come to school.  With out my friends I don't know who I would be.

Family. Family means everything to me .  Even though me and my family fight a lot , I love my family no matter what.!


This is my vision boar ed for 2012.

DAY 1!

Its day one and its been “AMAZING!!!”  today was the first day of camp and its been a blast.  I am a team leader with another person named Toreka. My team is called the Respect Crew.   My crew is the bomb!! Because they respect me and each other.

We have had some awesome activity happen , like , boxing training , which was awesome , prep food , that was Delicious because my group made the most nicest scones.  We also went Kayaking .  That was sooo cool.  Kaiden and I were paired up and we were declared the best kayackers in our group.

Today was great and thanks to the teachers for making it great.  If today was a good day what will tomorrow be.....  

                          …..     !TO BE CONTINUED!    ….


“PANCAKES!!!”  Yeeas.  For a treat of what room22 did last week(WORK) , Mrs Nua decided that we could make pancakes in the class.  Everyone was so excited !  Even though we are the top of the school , we still love the Delicious taste of pancakes.    We also got the chance of making it our selves!

First off we were instructed to gather in a groups of 4 or 5.  The people in my group were Joe , Charlie , Amos , Havea , and myself .

As time ticked and toked it was finally time to make them.   We got our bowls and all the equipment required for this recipe.  It was even better because we could save time just using the packet of ingredients stored in the box that Mrs Nua payed for.  We poured the ingredients in and with an extra things like chocolate and marshmellows.  

We were already and set to make our pancakes, until..............      “ AHHH WHO TOUCHED THE MARSHMALLOWS !!!? ”  and then my group raised their hands. Mrs Nua said very clearly before we got our ingredients to not touch the marshmallows , but we didn't listen and were forced to make our pancakes last.

After all that fuss it was our turn again.  NEK MINNIT! “BRBRBRBRBRBBRBRBRIIIIIIINNNG.......” the bell rang and we had to make it after morning tea time.

“YEEAASS”  It was time to make them .  This time there was no interruptions and we ate our pancakes like kings.

Sculpture ?


  SCULPTURE . . . .

Definition:        The art or craft of creating three dimensional piece of art by carving , or modeling .

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Game

Today for extension , we had to play a little game that included a sticker on our forehead and guessing what job was written on it.  The game was to go around asking people what was written on the sticker on more foreheads and to get a closer clue for what on your forehead.  As you can see or if you cant , the word on my forehead is Road Sweeper.

To become a Road Sweeper you have to have a LGV 2 license and great knowledge of where the roads are in the local area.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Personal Goal 2012

My goal for reading this year is to gain a whole year in my reading age . To achieve this goal I need to read books more often .

In writing , my goal this year is to write neater and use more interesting detail . To get to this prospective I need to focus , listen and have a good attitude .

My maths goal this year is to be at a year 9 level .

The learning area I need to improve most on is writing because I am not at the level I want to be at !

My goal around the school is to set a great example .

Friday, February 17, 2012

Netball Once Again

“YEEeess” It was a perfect day for a game of netball . The sun was shining The sky was blue and it was one SUPER hot day!! 

(Last year we had Netball and this year we a lucky enough to have it again!)
As we arrive to our school courts to a wonderful Thursday afternoon , we have Netball with Liz.  Who is Liz you may ask ? Well , she is our new Netball coach from the Auckland Netball Association , and she has come to Pt England to help us refine our skills.

We got our bibs and started our first drill straight away. The first drill was Chest pass . Our second drill was the bounce pass.  And the last one was the pivot. This drill involved insuring the way you land.  Its very important that you land properly because some teenagers that a very good at netball end up in hospital and doing surgery to there knees cause they have been landing incorrectly.

This was my highlight of the day.  We had a funny game of Netball , everyone was laughing and just having a heck of a time.  It was bibs on no bibs and bibs won.  

Room22 Favourite Colours

This week room22 have been learning about Statistics!  As you can see It is about room22's favourite colours ,and it has been shown on a pie graph.  The most popular colour is Blue .  It has overpowered 59.3 percent of the Pie chart. The least popular colour is pink .

Reunited With My Netbook

"Hooraay " I was reunited with my netbook ounce again . On the 3rd day of school room 22 got their netbooks back , and they were very happy . It was like a knight reunited with his horse .

As we got our netbooks, they were re imaged and we had to set it up again.

Being back with my netbook is very cool because it has changed me in so many ways and when I'm without it I feel different.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interesting Things About Me

1. I played for The Auckland Tongan team.

2. I have an Older Brother Called Shaun that no one know about.

3. My favourite number is number 1 and 1.1.7.