My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Never Say Never

Check out our movie that the MTV Fia Fia Group made with Miss King.
It has now been shown at Hoyts Sylvia Park Cinema on the  Extreme Screen,  on November 11th 2010.


  1. I just love the sentiments in the lyrics. It is a good thing for us all to remember . 'Never say never' always keep persisting until you have success. Fabulous movie. Congratulations all of you
    Mrs Boyer

  2. hi
    My name is Frank. I love your movie because it was fun wathing it. it was cool to see where I live.

  3. I like the way that everyone joined in and had a charming smile.
    You guys rock.

    By Nayan

  4. Hi my name is Vaivasa
    I really like the way you were lip syching it matches with the song.
    By: Vaivasa Fa'aola Aialeo

  5. Thanks Lepa for your superb animations and great presenting skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this project. I NEVER thought I would be thankful of that as you sat there trying to convince us to use a Justin Beiber song! (I have to admit that his song grew on me just a little)

  6. This was an awesome movie to watch. To be honest I'm not really a fan of Justin Bieber and I dislike the song(please dont hate). But after watching this movie I kind of like the song just not the Justin Biber. You/guys presented an awesome movie. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi I'm a big fan of Never Say Never. You are the best and cool too. I like your movie because you guys rock hard, keep on going and don't stop.


  8. ROOM 9 AT GLENBRAE SCHOOLNovember 15, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    Hi room 6 at pt england i like your movie and we love it.

  9. Hi my name is Laite from gbs,

    I like the way you did the shuffle with your socks and Rm 6 I just want to say that you are awesome.

  10. Ana and Ierei room 4 St Pius XNovember 15, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    I like the song.I liked the movie because it was a instesting movie.The movie had some cool moves in it.The most favorite part was the moves, i love your movie.
    Great Job!

  11. Hey Pt England,
    I really like the song it was awesome. I liked the Justin Bieber idea and I liked your guys other movies too.

    Great job

  12. Hey Guy's that was spectacular and awsome. I liked the man who ran and the boy that sang as JUSTIN BIEBR too.he was cool

  13. Hi Pt England
    I really enjoyed your movie it was so much fun.I really liked the way you guys did the movie . what a cool idea.

    keep up the awesome work..

  14. Hi Lepa
    It was fun listing to the movie it was cool how it was plan...
    Keep up the good work<>

  15. hi it wascool

  16. WOW, Pt England School you really are amazing
    at singing raps and verses.

  17. You were amazing when yous were using diffrent voice tones.

  18. Deandra and Laite from glenbrae school!May 23, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Hey Pt England School you were cool.

  19. I like the lyrics that you edit it in the music. And I like your drawing too.

  20. Hi everyone I love your
    movie because your drawing was AMAZING