My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matthew's Birthday.

On January the 18 it was Matthew's birthday. Matthew's mum called and said "I will pick Lepa up at 11:45 to go bowling and we will go laser strike". Then my mum said "They will pick you up at 1:00."  I Said "Ohhh".
After thirty minutes they arrived and picked me up and went straight to bowling, I thought we were going to his house first. Going straight to Bowling is better because you don't waste time. Once we got to bowling we got our bowling shoes on and Matthew bowled first. When I bowled I bowl with a size 8 ball and I get a strike. "Finally" we finished. I won because I got 112 points. Straight after that we went to laser strike it was dark and spooky and if you wear white you will glow like a light. Matthew had trouble putting the suit on so I had to help him. The targets were the back stomach and shoulders. As soon as we got in I started wheezing because we had to run around to much. I was glowing and roasting like a BBQ and sweating like a pig. While we were playing I kept shooting at them like a machine gun. When laser strike finished we got this paper that said who won and I was Mr.Trigger happy.

After that we went to the time out zone and we got 414 tickets. With the tickets we got a leather dog tag, a whoopee coshion and 2 rings. After we got our stuff we went to Matthew's house and played the game.


  1. Lepa finally you finished 1 post after 2 months all I want to see now is your animation.

    "GOOD JOB completing your 1st post bye bye!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey was up hey the laser strike sounds cool but the thing that's not cool is that you only got 1 post okay I don't want to say anything more bye bye

  3. Wow!! going to the bowling that sounds great.
    You know what i have not been to bowling in my entire life.
    What are you going to do on your birthday or what is the next thingv to do in Matthew's other birthday on January the 18th.
    Well done leps oh I got to go well see you later or I will see you around.

    By Joshua

  4. Great story writing Lepa, but how come my name was never mentioned aye?? :). Did u 4get about the pools? Im glad you had a good time. Keep up the good work :D
    Nadia (matt.T sis)

  5. Hi Lepa. Awesome animation on ten pin bowling.Ha!I could have done with a few spares that day. You did win convincingly with your lucky strikes.You are a good friend to Matthew and it was an enjoyable birthday for him. Keep up the good work Lepa. Rina