My name is Lepa and I am in Year 6. My teacher is Mr Barks and we are in Room 18 at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Felting Wool

In room 22 Huia( reading group ) is learning the steps to make felt. these few steps of how to die wool, sell it, and make it for yourself .

1) the first step to processing the wool into felt would be to sheer the sheep.

2)secondly Then you would have to collect it

3)then you would have to weave the wool so that it can be coloured properly and be silky smooth

4)after that you would have to get a pot or something you can boil it in and buy some dye and pore it in the pot withe the hot water or bye some tea bags, coffee beans, and beetroot. You will have to wait for about an hour and a half to be coloured

5)Then you have to let it dry for about 1 hour

6)Then you put it on sale for a few dollars

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